Monday, April 6, 2009

Negative Remarks on

For other translators having had bad experiences with Derek Corley and In Other Words Translations, check out:

Looks like Derek took his fraudulent company's website down. Personally, I have been calling and emailing him since OCTOBER 2008, but to no avail regarding recouping compensation for work I did for him.

If you were also wronged by Derek and In Other Words Trans, just keep telling yourself:

Derek.Will.Get.His.Ass.Kicked by some power out there.

Karma's a BITCH with a return ticket.


  1. too late.... I just finished 70 pages of tough translations for them and then they went silent... :( still unpaid 60 days later... :(

  2. In Other Words Interpretation, Derek Corley Victims

    Please contact the following and make a complaint if you have not done so.

    Federal Trade Commission 1-877-382-4357 (contact for sure, there are already complaints here and masses speak loud - with enough complaints and $ loss/value criminal actions can be taken)
    Better Business Bureau
    Your State General

    Also, make sure you tell them Corley has started a new company called "Ace Language & Court Reporting" which I believe is replacing IOWITS. This way the complaint can also be filed against the company "Ace Language & Court Reporting".

    If you have any civil cases against Corley/IOWITS that would be great to provide to the above and any other evidence (email, contracts, ph. conversations, ect).

    If you already have a case with any of the above please contact them and update/add your case with the name "Ace Language & Court Reporting".

    Please take small amount of time involved to make these complaints.

    Thank you!
    If everyone maintains perseverance and faith Corley will be held accountable.

  3. Gary Hart is Derek Corley! He just uses that name because he has tarnished his own! I know this for a fact because I've seen him on the phone with clients and translators posing as Gary Hart.