Thursday, January 15, 2009

Derek Corley = Christine Faretra = Gary Hart???

Is this musical chairs for running a fraudulent business?

It's a tragedy that these charlatans still exist. Clients BEWARE!! They have a horrible reputation because they steal from freelance translators whom they hire to do all the work.

Next stop: Better Business Bureau in LA


  1. My name is Christine Faretra and I worked for Derek Corley for a month in 2008 before I realized what a scam artist he was. He put my name on his website as some kind of vice president or something, but I was never in the position he listed me as, nor were any of the other people listed on his website. He is a one man operation who uses other people's good names to get work. He never paid me my salary, giving me constant excuses. I witnessed several phone calls from translators requesting their money for their hard work and he blew them off as well, telling me that he paid them and that they were crazy. I was working from his home in Hollywood, Florda at the time because he said he was going to rent an office space, which he never did. He was living in a trailer park in a family member's house because I don't think he wanted to be found. Back in December 2008, he was being charged in Broward County, Florida for a DUI he received, and I know his lawyer dropped his defense case because Derek didn't pay him either. I personally called the police on him because there was a warrant out for his arrest in Florida, and I told them his location, but they did nothing about it. This man is an absolute FRAUD!! I'm just sorry that it took me so long to realize it. DO NOT TRUST HIM!!

  2. This is also Scott Green from Ace Translator

  3. He now is in Orlando and operates under the name of GOOD LUCK, the guy is such a scammer.

  4. Maybe he is in Florida now and operating under the name EMPIRE TRANSLATION AND COURT REPORTING. The guy is rolling again!