Friday, January 16, 2009

Re-publishing Complaints against Derek Corley and "In Other Words" Translations

Part 1:

Dated 12/13/2007 by susan:

"IOWITS/Derek Corley. Is a con man and liar. Anyone that has been ripped off by this person should contact their Local Police Department, Los Angeles Police Dept and proceed to involve the FBI. Corley lives in Los Angeles CA and has a criminal record and has done time for grand theft/fraud. I believe anything over $450 of theft is a felony if you can show it was intentional. Corley never had a fire or anything else he claims... Everyone & Anyone who has been ripped off by Corley (IOWITS) needs to respond so we can all bond together and put this guy back in jail/prison. He will never pay you!"

Thursday, January 15, 2009

This is where all the money goes....

Check out the nice digs that Derek Corley lives in. He's the poor man's Bernie Madoff!!

Go to Google Maps. Type in this address:

3725 Floresta Way, Los Angeles, CA 90043-1706

Select "Street View".

Too bad his neighbors don't know that they are living amidst a CROOK.

Or..Gary Hart = "New" Derek Corley

On second thought, the more effective way is to let all know that it seems Gary Hart is "in charge" of this scam-lation agency.

Gary Hart = Highly likely also a Liar and a Cheat just like Derek Corley

Hmm...wasn't there a presidential candidate who resigned from running because...oh that's right. He cheated and lied.

Derek Corley = Christine Faretra = Gary Hart???

Is this musical chairs for running a fraudulent business?

It's a tragedy that these charlatans still exist. Clients BEWARE!! They have a horrible reputation because they steal from freelance translators whom they hire to do all the work.

Next stop: Better Business Bureau in LA

Monday, January 5, 2009

It's 2009...have you received your money from "In Other Words"?

Yeah, I didn't think so.

I am amazed that they are apparently still in business because they seem to rip-off linguists left and right.

I am tired of waiting for the "check that's in the mail."

It is time to bring them DOWN. Better Business Bureau, here I come~!